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Our events service offers the planning and execution of both online and offline events to create unforgettable experiences that solidify your brand’s reputation. Our process is as follows:
Planning: Identifying the event’s objectives and target audience.

  1. Logistics: Securing venue, suppliers, and necessary permits.
  2. Marketing: Promoting the event to the intended audience.
  3. Execution: Managing the event: pre-, on the day-of and post-event.
  4. Evaluation: Gathering feedback for future improvement.

Corporate Commitment to Climate Change -Kenya

Our consultants have participated in planning for high-level events like COP26 in Glasgow and IDH’s Annual Learning Event 2022. As a a captivating corporate MC, our lead consultant Solomon Irungu has worked with different institutions ranging from NGOs, private sector, and government institutions. He was the MC for the Corporate Commitment on Climate Change Kenya (4C-K), a COP26 side event that attracted over 150 corporate heads to discuss the place of the private sector in climate action and sustainability.

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